Experience the glitz and the glamour

Welcome to Vivanta Icon, where grandeur meets sustainability.

Discover a world of magnanimous spaces, sleek lines, and captivating geometry, thoughtfully designed to leave a lasting imprint on your memories. This sheer delight marks a fresh beginning, enticing you to embrace a new way of life. With every feature meticulously crafted to trigger joy within your body and soul, Vivanta Icon unearths an idyllic existence for you to rejoice and cherish. From the Velly Belly Club & Hotel with its wellness club, sport zone, recreation area, cafeteria, and exceptional hospitality, this extraordinary destination integrates all the elements needed for a remarkable experience. Prepare to indulge in sustainable luxury and create unforgettable moments at Vivanta Icon.

Designed to be sustainable, Vivanta Icon is meticulously equipped with all the essentials you require. With the Velly Belly Club & Hotel at its core, this establishment offers a wellness club, sports zone, recreational area, cafeteria, and exceptional hospitality.

  • Combining relaxation and elegance to craft the perfect ambiance.
  • A sanctuary for rejuvenating weary bodies and reinvigorating weary minds.
  • Unleash and elevate your hidden sporting abilities.
  • Host extravagant celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and other remarkable occasions.